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The Smiths: All 73 Songs, Ranked

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The cover photograph features American actor Joe Dallesandro in a did not feature This Charming Man, which was released as a single prior.

Certainly there were bands who had a similar sense of morose wit or cynicism, or bands that shared a common affinity for jangly guitars and glam-rock rhythms, but no other band put together all of these elements quite so powerfully — and with a singular design aesthetic to match. Plenty of bands have been borrowing from The Smiths for a long time, but there is no band that ever quite matched their curious combination of emotional sensitivity and musical muscle.

Because they were on your side. Because they speak to real human feelings. Most of all, though, it comes down to the songs. Though the band stuck around for only five years, they had an incredible run. And though they only released four albums proper, their song-for-song average alone puts them in a class with maybe a half dozen other bands. So meet us at the cemetry gates with Keats and Yeats , as we exhume The Smiths songs that saved our lives.

You felt that they were on your side. And if you felt pissed off, frustrated, sad, or needed a laugh, a Smiths album was just a needle drop away. This is, perhaps, why there was never a more polished studio version of the song, though that may well add to its allure. Not wonderful at all.

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The music video for which see below was one big flower-fest. Morrissey can be seen waving gladioli above his head, while the floor is carpeted, and the band strewn, with cut flowers. The flower symbolism was not lost on the audience either, who brought them to concerts to throw on stage. People assumed it was an Oscar Wilde homage but that was a bonus. The flowers made the stage very treacherous if you were wearing moccasins, but they became emblematic, iconic.

Watch them cover ‘This Charming Man’ and re-visit the November DIY The Killers covering “This Charming Man” by The Smiths, considering With his new single ‘Wendigo’ out now, meet the “post-punk softboi”.

The track is perhaps one of the most well-known Smiths songs, and accordingly the highest-charting single in the band’s history. By , The Smiths had gained recognition, mainly on the UK indie circuit. The band was let down by the relative failure of Hand In Glove. With an urge to match up to rivals, guitarist Johnny Marr believed The Smiths needed an up-beat song, “in a major key”, in order to gain a chart positioning that would live up to expectations.

Based on the positive reception of the Peel session, Rough Trade head Geoff Travis suggested releasing This Charming Man as a single, passing over the slated release Reel Around The Fountain , which gained notoriety for perceived references to pedophilia. The Smiths entered Matrix Studios in London on September to record a second studio version of the song for release as a single.

However, the result—known as the “London version”—was deemed unsatisfactory and soon after, the band travelled to Strawberry Studios in Stockport to try again. Here, they recorded the more widely heard A-side. The lyrics detail a first-person narrative of a male cyclist suffering a bicycle puncture in the countryside.

The cyclist is then rescued by a “charming man”, after much reluctance on the part of the protagonist. The “charming man” flirts with the cyclist, who continues to show great awkwardness and shyness. Archaic language was deliberately used in the penning of the lyrics, to evoke a more “courtly” feel, different from 80s England.

Quirky female singers

I don’t play the guitar but I’m a huge Smiths fan, your site is amazing, a work of love and talent. Keep it up. I just discovered this site — what a fantastic resource. I only hope a certain vocalist doesn’t put the kibosh on it! I will be checking back regularly.

The Smiths released their debut single Hand In Glove in May , proving to chart debut in November with the number This Charming Man which led to​.

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This charming plan (to cover every single Smiths song)

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Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (Cassette Versions of the single included a cover Version This Charming Man/Wonderful Woman/Accept Yourself Aug.

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For the cover of their iconic debut album, singer Morrissey of UK indie band The Smiths chose to use a cropped still of Joe Dallessandro from the movie Flesh. This underground flick was produced by Andy Warhol and directed by Paul Morrissey not related to the singer in The album credits state that the picture was used by permission.

The single features an alternative vocal arrangement and an entirely new Read More So this is a cover of “This Charming Man” by The Smiths done in the.

James Franco has a band with Tim O’Keefe, his former art school classmate. You can watch the video for “This Charming Man” below, via Vice. It is not, however, a straight-up cover of the Smiths classic. Which is exactly what you think it is. Franco and O’Keefe decided to write songs around those poems, using Franco’s words as the lyrics. Make sense?

The Smiths: the complete Flesh picture

See the latter discography entry for details. Info about this is found at the latter link. The reissue of the 7″ single by Rhino UK was also included in the “Smiths Singles box” which compiled the band’s first 10 UK singles plus two bonuses.

I knew that ‘This Charming Man’ would be our next single. The cover sonofdrcross does is equally good: Here’s chiasson65 with another great bass cover.

Hardcore fans of The Smiths continue to discover rare gems that were unknown to science a few years ago, and demand remains high. Mark Thompson and Billy Albert report. This feature brings together two gurus, melding minds to compose a new list: Mark Thompson, who compiled the original must-haves in , and Billy Albert, who updated it in The Smiths are up there with the most collectable artists of the 80s, and their rarities perform respectably against those who have came before them.

They are one of those rare acts whose musical achievements are likely to stand the test of time. One of the main changes since is the rise in value and awareness of many of the lesser-known test pressings, particularly those for later releases. Some exciting new discoveries have appeared and have become new additions to the list of holy artefacts, and only five of the original Top 10 retain their status, the other five having been pushed down the pecking order.

On the flipside, this has presented the compilers of this update with a problem. Previous listings were compiled on the basis of value as the sole factor. Adopting that approach now would mean 70 per cent of the listing would be white label test pressings, making this feature a visually dull affair. In , we predicted that there would be no meteoric rise in the asking price for holy grails. So, what are our next predictions? While the global economic crisis has done nothing to curtail the fortunes of these rarities, a more affluent period in the future should boost values over the next decade.

This Charming Man – The Smiths acoustic cover